New thank you gift sets – and our top 3 reasons to say thank you with them

top 3 reasons to say thank you

New thank you gift sets

We’re excited to share our latest gift sets with you. We wanted to design a gift based on our new Thank You Soap bars, which have been lovingly created for our Occasions range with hand-illustrated paper wraps. We also wanted the gift to be under £20, so that it feels accessible for those ‘just because’ moments. And it had to feel special, so that the recipient knows the person who sent it genuinely cares. 

During the creative process, we talked a lot about the people in our lives that we wanted to thank, and why saying ‘thank you’ is such an important thing to do. We believe there’s more to the act of gratitude than meets the eye, so we’ve collected our top 3 reasons why saying thank you is brilliant.

1. It’s the first simple step toward a gratitude practice

The idea of a ‘gratitude practice’ has become a familiar term for most of us. But what does it mean?

We understand that expressing gratitude means giving thanks. But we might usually save this for significant occasions, like thanking a teacher at the end of the school year or celebrating our mums on Mother’s Day. But a gratitude practice means trying to notice the smaller things that happen day-to-day, which make us feel good in some way. Like a colleague remembering your favourite coffee, or simply the sky being blue when you wake up in the morning. Research shows that learning to spot these moments, and even writing them down, can improve our relationships, our happiness and even boost our immune systems.

Thank You 1
Thank You Gift

2. It makes other people feel appreciated

Saying ‘thank you’, either verbally, written on a card or expressed with a gift, usually has an even greater positive effect than is immediately obvious. And especially if it’s unexpected. This is because saying ‘thank you’ shows that you don’t take the other person for granted, and is an acknowledgement that they matter. Knowing that you matter is a really important part of feeling like a valued and relevant person, who’s connected to others. And these feelings are known to be essential to good mental health, and being able to live life in a positive and meaningful way.

3. The love comes back around

If you’re someone who already says thank you a lot, you’ve probably noticed that what goes around, comes around. It might not be instant, but if you take the time to acknowledge when someone has been kind, to order an extra brownie for your helpful neighbour, or to write a postcard of thanks after you’ve stayed with family  – people notice how good it feels. And you’ll start to notice that people are more inclined to smile when they see you, spot when you need help, or make a note to send you the hand cream you love, to show they’re thinking of you too.

Thank You Gift

Thank You Gift Sets £18

Two new soap gift sets for 2021. Every product is vegan, free from parabens, SLS and SLES, and is presented in fully recyclable packaging. 

Thank You Gift Set 2
Thank You Floral Gift Set 
With a fragrance profile of fruit blossom, fresh pomegranate and warming amber and guaiac wood.
Thank You Gift Box
Thank You Tropical Gift Set
With a fragrance profile of zesty lemon, sweet orange, sensual patchouli and sandalwood.

Each gift set contains the following products:

Thank You Soaps
Occasions Thank You Soap
Our luxury soap bars are wrapped in hand-illustrated paper with a jaunty ’Thank you’ motif. Enriched with shea butter, our soaps are ultra softening, beautifully fragranced and last for ages.
Patchouli Candle
Soy wax candle
A hand-poured candle made by us at our farm site in beautiful Sussex, England. Our single wick candles have a burn time of around 35 hours. Each pure soy wax candle is generously scented and presented in an elegant glass.
Forest Orchid Guest Soaps
Guest soaps
These heart-shaped soaps will make a pretty memento for your recipient. Individually wrapped and presented in a gift box – these soaps boast all of the qualities of our classic soap bars.

Explore our entire range of Thank You Gifts here.