Moving into 2022: Pricing changes & new products

Price Changes Blog Post

2020 and 2021 were two years that we will never forget. We would like to thank all of our customers who have continued to support our business through what has been a very difficult period for almost all businesses.

Due to these unprecedented circumstances, from Monday 10th January some of our product pricing will be changing on our website.

Whilst we have been able to absorb a natural increase in costs over the years and we were able to offer a price freeze throughout 2020 for our valued customers, changes over the last year have left us with no option but to increase the price of some of our products.

There are many factors affecting this increase in price:

• Huge increases in the cost of freight

• 70%+ increase in soap base costs in the last 12 months

• Cardboard price increases of over 30%, as well as many other raw materials.

• Increase in energy costs

These price changes affect our soap bars, soy wax candles and hand creams. All the other products that we offer will not be going up in price because we can continue to produce these at the original cost.

Anniversary Soap Bars

Exciting things to come

We have lots of new and exciting products to share with you next year and look forward to announcing these throughout 2022.

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