Locally Sourced

We source our raw materials, ingredients and product packaging as locally as possible, in order to make sustainability our company focus. This reduces our carbon footprint as well as supporting the local rural economy, two things that we are passionate about. Examples of locally sourced materials include our paper packaging, perfumes, brochures and our corrugate.

Sustainable Packaging

We are proud to say that all soaps made by us are in completely plastic-free, sustainable packaging using either paper wraps or cardboard, both of which are fully recyclable. Our hand creams come in luxurious aluminium tubes which are easily recyclable and far more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives. Our Eau de toilettes and body oils are presented in recyclable glass bottles.

Our hand wash bottles are made from PETE 1 recyclable plastic and are 100% recyclable and made from 100% PCR (post-consumer resin). They are environmentally friendly and a far more sustainable option than any other type of plastic.

‘Forest Film’ Labels

Designed with sustainability in mind, our Hand and Body Washes are labelled with 100% renewable wood based raw materials. This ‘forest film’ material offers a renewable alternative to fossil-based film, all made from pulp production residues.

The Forest Film is an ISCC certified (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) plastic film and is produced by using sustainable resources to replace an equivalent amount of fossil resources in the production process (mass balance approach).

For more information about this material please view here.

Made in the heart of the Sussex countryside

We will never buy finished products from anywhere else, be it in the UK or abroad. Every product we sell we make ourselves on our Sussex farm site. Not only does this give us greater control over the sustainability and quality of the product but it helps reduce our carbon footprint as we do not need to ship goods in.

Recycling and Reusing

We recycle as much as possible, whether it be on our production line, in distribution, or in the office. This means we will buy ingredients and raw materials that are recyclable whenever possible. We reuse packaging material. For example, rather than bring in additional material to pad out online orders we will reuse what we already have. When cardboard is no longer suitable for use, we arrange for it to be collected for recycling.