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These little heart shaped Soaps Make The Perfect Gift

These little heart shaped soaps are are finely fragranced and make the perfect little gift. Or you can leave on them on the bedside table for your very special guests.

About The English Soap Company

The English soap Company was founded twelve years ago by Bob & Juliet after discovering a large number of vintage soap moulds lying disused in a machinery workshop farm in Kent.

Inspired by the wonderful designs from a bygone age they set out to recreate the luxury soap they remembered from childhood, and used modern twists to create some of the finest vegetable soaps available.

Years were spent in perfecting the art of soap making and perfumery to make the perfect soap. A soap that is smooth and silky in texture, moisturises rather than dries the skin and above all is effused with a luxurious designer perfume that lasts until the end of the bar.